Friday, October 26, 2007

Pink Ribbon shirt

As you may have seen from a recent email from us, we are matching Scully's $5.00 for each of their PL-737 ( our stock # is SC-PL737) Pink Ribbon shirt. That gives every one a $10 donations for each shirt. This promotion will last through the month of Oct.

This was a very important subject to us. My mother recently died of breast cancer. She was a tough lady -- fought it for over 20 years. First one breast then the other, then lung cancer then a brain tumor. She died at 86. She never slowed down except at the very end, and treated cancer as any other illness --- do what ever is necessary and keep moving forward.

Thanks again for letting us sell to you

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New lines of Clothing

Well, I am finally getting back to posting on the Old West Blog, so bear with me. Not a good day overall; some crook has gotten into one of our checking accounts (we found out quickly and will not cost us any $-- just time lost); the label printer has died and we are getting a new one and finally the accounting program is not working well. It could alway be worse.

I just wanted to alert every one that we are now carrying Rockmount Clothing. If you are into western wear - this stuff is the real deal. Lots of actors (including Pres Regan) and singers have worn (and still do) Rockmount shirts.. Rockmount has been in business for years and the owner emeritus is well over 100 years old and still comes into work!! The link to our Rockmount site is:

Stay tuned for more from Cowboy Outfitters.

We have to go out and work some cows at our ranch tomorrow (it is weaning time for the calves), but our customer service group will still be in to take your order.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Western Wear Blog


This is the intial posting for our new blog for
After answering questions from our customers about western wear, we decided to post the questions and answers to help other people who have similar questions.